Nov 18, 2012

....Is this thing still on?

I've sat down to write a new post almost daily over the last month, but I could not capture what was happening in my life without sounding ridiculous.

Things are good.

by good, I mean awesome.

by aweosme, I mean stressful and busy and perfectly how I like it.

Since the last time I posted, I have been working, I went apple picking, I lived through a storm named Sandy, I had friends visit, I bought new furniture, I bonded with my roommate, I've attended numerous Broadway shows, I've karaoked, I've purchased new furniture, I've tried Korean BBQ, I drank a few too many Salted Carmel mochas, I had a snowball fight, I went to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I celebrated on Election night, I tasted the beer my friends and I brewed, I've babsat, I've celebrated birthdays, I snuggled with my cat, I've cheered my Gators on, I've teared up after the Georgia loss, I made a terrarium, I met lemony Snicket, I've been obsessed with Dexter, I became an IKEA assassin, I got a manicure or 12, I went to Florida for a long weekend, I've caught up to Season 3 of Breaking Bad, I made a Halloween costume and wore it multiple times, and I hid in a corn maze.

Basically, I haven't neglected my blog on purpose. I have just been too busy doing awesome things over the past month and a half to write them down. I do however miss keeping a record of my adventures and I am going to work on getting back into that. Until my life slows down, here are a few clips of whats been happening.