Apr 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was one of those weekends you wait for months to happen. Then you find yourself on the bus on your way to start the weekend. Then it passes so fast and you have to start a new countdown until the next weekend like this.

That was my weekend.

I traveled down to Washington DC to hangout with a few of my friends from college. You may remember when I wrote about them here. However, 3 of the 5 of us from our group met up and had a super fun-tastic weekend.  We laughed, we shopped, we saw sights, we ate delicious food. We caught up on each other's lives, we shared stories of our classrooms, and we took a fair share of pictures.


Needless to say, we had fun. It was the kind of weekend you can only have when you hangout with good friends who have the same interests as you, the same humor as you, and ultimately don't judge you when you do silly things like eat ice cream twice in one day or get confused about the location of countries. I am now waiting for the future get together and hopefully there will be a way for all five of us to hangout!

W, X, & Y are letters.


So another weekend happened and I was a little too busy to blog. I have a weekend recap coming up soon, but for now I am sticking with my A-Z countdown. 

W is for We Are Young. I know you've heard this song if you have turned on the radio at all in the last few weeks. I love the song and I am trying really hard to not get sick and tired of it being played and played.

X is for xenodocheionology. Seriously, there are zero words that I know that start with X and I can blog about. Thus, I did a little google search and came across the word xenodocheionolog, the love of hotels. I think that it suits me because I am a big fan of traveling and staying in hotels. I love walking into a hotel and seeing freshly made beds, soft towels, and an AC that reaches a cold cold temperature.  I love when there are TVs with premium cable, coffee machines with decent coffee, and employees that are happy to see you. I have also stayed at hotels that are not so plushy. Sometimes a hotel is just a means for sleeping and you don't need the extra amenities. Sometimes.

Y is for yellow.

 I know I love the color orange, hence the blog name, but I also really enjoy the color yellow. I love the feeling of happiness it beams. I love how just looking at it during a grey day can bring a smile to my face. I love that it is the color of baby chicks, deviled eggs, daffodils, and taxi cabs. I love that the sun and moon are always colored yellow, that it is the symbol for joy and friendship, and that there are so many different shades and they are all bright.