Mar 26, 2013

Music Happened

 Since my last real update in January, I have seen some pretty amazing concerts. First up, was Walk the Moon. They were phenomenal live! The crowd was energized, the lead singer has hips that don't stop, and the show was really fun.

The next show was The Lumineers! They were also pretty spectacular and my favorite part of the show is when they brought up a local elementary school chorus and sang a few songs with them. It was great!

The third concert I went to was Imagine Dragons. If you have been following this blog for awhile or you know me in real life, you understand my obsession with this band. I play their album on repeat, my students have been converted because I make them listen to the music, and I saw them 4 times in the last 12 months. This concert did not disappoint either! The band has a lot of attention in the last year and every time I see their show they have upgraded. This show had more lights, effects, and an amazing set!

 Atlas Genius opened for Imagine Dragons and they were fun too. I'll be seeing them again this Summer.

 This Summer looks pretty awesome as far as music is concerned!

In May, I will (hopefully) be going to the Great Googa Mooga again with some friends. I'm looking forward to trying some crazy food, listening to some good music, and hanging out with friends all day :)

In June, I have Firefly to look forward too. Camping, Music, and 3 days of sheer awesome!

In July, She & Him are playing a set in Central Park and I plan to be there too!

She & Him

 I'm sure I'll find other small shows and maybe even some bigger ones to see! I love Summer Festival Season in this city :)

Mar 21, 2013

In another world

Let's look at the things that would be awesome excuses for my absence:

I got cast for a TV show that whisked me away to a far away island that had very little internet service.

I met the man of my dreams and have been so busy in love I couldn't write.

I was tragically struck by a yellow cab during rush hour as I helped an old lady cross the road and I have been sitting in a hospital room for two months.

I'm the new bachelorette and my identity had to be kept a secret.

The pope needed a new assistant.

I entered witness protection because I am testifying for a really big case that can change the way drug trafficking happens in the country.

I adopted an orphan and have been nursing them to a better life.

I was walking down the street and Ryan Gosling saved me from being hit by a garbage truck, so I have now spent all my free time trying to find him and thank him.

I'm now the newest member of Iron Chef America.

Really, I have just been busy. but things have happened! and I am going to share them with you! Right after I take a nap. or do my laundry. or grade some papers. or well, I'll try harder.