Mar 28, 2012

It's OK Thursday!


It's OK...

to be thrilled that I have less than a week until I am back in Florida visiting family and friends!

that the weather is driving me crazy...cold/hot, rain/no rain.

that I have worn jeans to work every day this week. I love that about my school :)

that it's practically ice cream season, which is my favorite season!

to start thinking about what to pack for vacation. Shorts, bathing suit, flip flops, repeat.

that I am craving to cut my hair, but I don't want to just get it trimmed. I need something bigger and better.

to read a childrens book on the subway. No judging.

that I got super excited to spend the bar tab that my trivia team won last week.

that state testing is driving me bonkers. I'm counting down the days until it's over.

that the nutella to go containers are my favorite snack. I wish I could afford to eat them daily.

to write open letters to strangers on the subway. It's amusing.

that my friend and I bought Yankees tickets for May, but I know nothing about baseball.

to be thrilled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Cleaning, packing, and relaxation!