Jun 28, 2012

366 days later...

Some people thought I was crazy. Some people thought I was overly ambitious. Some people were jealous. and Some people were wondering how I would make it.

I felt all of the above, but 366 days ago, I boarded a plane to New York City with a dream, a one way ticket, and my cat.

It was never easy, it was always fun, and I could not imagine doing anything any different.

I am a completely different person than I was 1 year ago and I am in love with that. I finally feel like I found a city that gets me. I never feel like the crazy single girl who isn't married, because no one here my age is married. I never feel out of place for wanting to stay up late and sleep when I'm eighty, because everyone here wants to do that. I feel like I'm home and as of right now, I don't know that I'll ever leave.

I love the loud sounds that make my mom crazy when she is talking to me on the phone, I love the rush of entering the subway station and running down the stairs to try and catch the train. I hate when I miss the train, but I know the next train will be there soon. I love running into celebrities even if they never know I saw them and got star struck. I love that I can get a hotdog (even though I haven't) 24 hours a day. I love that I haven't paid for car insurance in a year, but have never been without a way to get around. I love that walking up 5 flights to my apartment has become normal and walking ten blocks is faster than the subway. I love that on any given night, during any week of the year, I can find something fun to do and someone to do it with.

I have made some incredible friends in this city. Friends who didn't know me in high school or college, but don't mind that I probably mention the Gators at least once in every conversation. Friends who also pay incredibly high rents for tiny apartments and understand what it's like. Friends who will bake you cookies, take you to a Yankees game, or invite you to a birthday party. Friends with awesome jobs that I will always envy. These people I have met have become my family here. I am so far from my sister and my mom and having a constant group of friends who I can call and bother has become essential to my happiness.

I'm not sure why this city feels so right; I never lived in a big city growing up, I never was the one who opted to walk over riding in a car, and I definitely never had to deal with cold weather, but it feels like me and New York City clicked into place like two perfect puzzle pieces.

Jun 27, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting!

Today is the last day of school! Since we have been in school for 180 days, I am going to share with you some tips I've picked up via pinterest that are so true about teaching:

Source: etsy.com via Laura on Pinterest

Happy Wednesday!

Jun 21, 2012

To be a fly on my wall

As I have shared during the last few posts, I am moving June 30th! I am excited about my new neighborhood, I am excited about my new roommate, I am excited for a fresh start in a new borough.

I have not started packing. Why should I? I moved here 12 months ago with two suitcases, how much stuff could I possibly have to pack, I plan on giving myself a few hours.

Here is my timeline of this evening:

5:00 - off from work, need to get boxes. Plan for tonight: PACK

5:30 - acquired packing tape, but still need boxes.

6:00 - found boxes at grocery store (FREE!) and stumbled home carrying boxes.

6:15 - It's 95 degrees outside and I just walked up 5 flights of stairs with five boxes (and a gallon of ice cream) into an apartment with no AC....let's take a breather.

6:45 - Kinda hungry....too damn hot to turn the stove on.

7:15 - Wow it's been an hour and I haven't done anything, I should start packing, but I need food for energy.

7:45 - Eat dinner. Energized to....finish watching this week's episode of The Client List.

8:30 - OK, packing will start....right after I unload the dishwasher, reload it, fold some clothes and pluck my eyebrows.

9:00 - Seriously, packing starts.


9:03 - Wow, I have more stuff then I imagined.

9:07 - It's hot in here. I need an AC. 

9:31 - Have a text conversation while doing something on FB and get distracted from packing.

9:35 - Back to packing. Thought: How did a girl who owned 0 nail polishes when I moved here just pack 14 bottles?

9:50 - Write a blog post, because this stuff is genius.

9:59 - Need tunes to pack. Firefly playlist to the rescue.

10:04 - Get nostalgic about every item that goes into the box. Look it's the ticket to my first Broadway play, look it's the picture I took that one time I was with those friends, look a penny. 

10:11 - Box #1 is full. Books, office like supplies, and pictures.

10:13 - Feel a little sad to be packing up my 1st NYC apartment, but then remember why and not feel so sad anymore.


10:34 - Box #2 packed (half of my shoes) and bookshelf empty.

10:40 - Sounds like it might be shower time.

I have to admit, this may sound like not much was accomplished, but stuff got done. I no longer have any decorations on my walls. I have packed away all winter wear and shoes and I emptied my bookshelf. I have a few more boxes of clothes and shoes, but it's hard to do that with 9 days left. The rest of the stuff is pretty daily: hair stuff, make up, accessories. You know essentials.

Happy Friday.

It's OK Thursdays..

Its Ok Thursdays 

It's OK...

to be so excited to move yet so unmotivated to pack.

to wonder how long it will take to cover the dark hunter green walls in my new apartment with a lovely teal.

to already miss my 5th graders who graduated this week.

that I really really want a piece of cake, but don't want to bake a whole cake.

to have such exciting Summer plans, but also feel like there isn't enough happening.

to wear as little as possible without being un-classy because it's hot.

to be sad that my sister will be in DC for like 8 days next week but since I'm moving I can't go and visit.

that I don't even have 1 day off between my school year job and my summer job.

to sometimes go to bed before 11.

to make fun of people who wear boots during the summer. I don't get it.

that ice cream becomes my even more favoritest food during the upcoming three months.

to really enjoy the primer from Sephora but refuse to spend $40 on something that goes underneath two layers of other makeup.

that I didn't read the book for my book club this month. I probably never will.

Have a Thursday. Good or Bad. Just make it happen.

Jun 20, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

In honor of my new apartment that I will be moving into in 10 blissful days I have pinned home decor ideas :)

I want some teal walls!

I want some fun wall art!

 I want pretty decorations!

Source: bit.ly via Laura on Pinterest

Jun 19, 2012

Catching up...

It's really hard to try to do everything you want to do and be successful. This month, I have had plans almost every night, I have gotten up and gone to work six days a week, I have apartment hunted, I have job hunted, and I have failed at keeping everything up to date on my blog.

On 6/10 I started the day at a birthday celebration on a boat, then I went to a Tony's party where I correctly circled Once for every category and I won. I am so happy for the cast of that show, it was fabulous when I saw it during previews and I am sure it is just as fabulous now.

I also found out that I got my new apartment! I am so excited to be moving and I will have a whole post on that soon. 

On 6/11, my friend Jenny and I went to Central Park and listened to Foster the People, Kimbra, and Tokyo Police Club. We sat outside of the stage area with all the other people that didn't want to pay for a concert you could hear for free.

On 6/12, I went to Broadway again.The show was funny and it was supposed to be a sequel to Boeing-Boeing which I have saw in my favorite theater back in Florida a few years ago. 

On 6/13, my trivia team won for the second week in a row :)

On 6/14, I had a birthday dinner where the restaurant was out of everything I wanted to eat and I ended up with a grilled cheese.

On 6/15, I had to take a break. My week had totally drained me and I decided to stay home, pack some boxes, and chill.

On 6/16, I went to Smorgasburg, got a new cell phone (yay for pictures again!), and then celebrated another friends birthday!

This past weekend was also busy, but not so draining. I am now in the middle of packing (kinda) and winding down the  school year! Yesterday was the beginning of the last week of school! So excited.