Aug 22, 2013

Firefly Music Festival 2013

In June I went to the 2nd Firefly Music Festival in Dover Delaware and had a blast! My friends and I went  last year  and were eager to see if the second year would be as awesome.
 So much awesomeness!

We ran into so much traffic coming in on Friday. That was Problem #1 with doubling the size of attendees.

 Foster the People

 Bad Sunburn.

 Early in the day. Not so many crowds.

 Late at night. Way too many crowds. Red Hot Chili Peppers. I think.

 Super Moon!

 More pictures of crowds and stages. 

Bridge pictures are mandatory, right?

Overall, Firefly year 2 was great. I got to see some awesome bands (Delta Rae, The Last Bison, Tom Petty, etc.), however there were way too many people! An event shouldn't double the number of attendees and expect it to be ok. We waited in ridiculous traffic getting into Delaware, getting a campsite, and at some of the food and drink booths. 

Positives: Much better water stations this year! Great music lineup, even though The Lumineers cancelled, good food choices, the weather, fun new activities like the silent disco and Heinekin Dome. 

Negatives: Lack of working cell phone chargers, crazy overlapping lineups which didn't made you miss the first 15 minutes of almost every set, headliners (they were ok, but not nearly as good as 2012), showers that close at midnight.

We had a lot of fun, got exhausted and some of us got sunburned. Overall consensus: 2012 > 2013, but 2013 was great too.


In the last five months my life has drastically changed. SO many things happened that I wasn't even sure where to start blogging and therefore I continued to brush it off and not share anything. Then with google reader closing down, I honestly haven't kept up with my favorite bloggers and it made it even harder to get back into it.

but I miss it. I miss writing. I miss sharing my NYC adventures. I miss not having a log of everything.

So I'm back. I am going to share my summer with you over a few different posts.

1. I went to Europe. It was amazing and I have a bajillion pictures.

2. I went to Firefly Music Festival again. It was a few months ago and my post is way overdated, but I still want to share it with you.

3. I have new roommates, a few new friends, some new favorite bars, and honestly I am still so in love with this crazy city.

4. My everyday life has been pretty rad and I have done some cool things this summer that I want to share.

So that's it. I will resume blogging because I need to. I need a place to vent, chat, and share. I want to have this blog for you and for me.