Oct 8, 2012

When you realize it was all worth it

This week has been one of those weeks when I look around and have to pinch myself.

I love that this city has started to feel like home. I have multiple groups of friends, I have a real job with a real commute, I have an apartment that I dig with a roommate that I am friends with. I can recommend restaurants to people when they visit from out of town and I know the shortcuts to take when I need to get across town quick. I can give directions when a stranger stops me on the street and I feel that urge of anger when tourists walk super slow on the sidewalk.

I embrace the cool crisp Fall weather and I love the sound of the traffic outside of my apartment when I am drifting off to sleep at night. I can tell you the difference between the Lower East Side and Murray Hill, I know which train to take without actually looking at a schedule (unless I'm in Brooklyn, then it all goes downhill.) I have favorite places to hangout and routines that I follow. I know where I can get the best greek pastries in my neighborhood and the restaurant that allows you to bring your own beer.

I seriously don't know why I ever thought this giant city wouldn't feel like home, but I did. I thought I would get eaten up with it's expansive girth, I figured the subway map would become a fixture in my purse (It never did! Thanks HopStop!) I am pretty sure that my first year of job exploration and tourist filled adventure allowed me to become familiar with so many aspects of the city and I would not do it any differently if I had the chance again.

I know that I have so much more to learn and experience, but for now, I am home and I like it.

Oct 7, 2012

September/October Bucket List

I totally made it through September and I enjoyed myself and worked like crazy!

I will NOT order food just because I am tired. I will cook dinner almost every night! I think I managed to accomplish this most of the time!

I will attempt to go or do one thing I have never done in the city before. I accomplished this! I went and saw a movie at The Brooklyn Academy of Music, I attended a street Festival called Atlantic Antic, and I found a few restaurants and bars that I have come to love :)

I am going to see Imagine Dragons this month and I'm pretty sure it will be epic! It was amazing. I am head over heels for this band. I might be known to listen to their new album on repeat during an entire commute to work.

I want to buy a crockpot and make some awesome crockpot dinners :) Fail, it's on my list of things to do!

Maybe I'll get around to painting the other walls in my bedroom...maybe. Again, Fail.

I might be going home to Florida this month and if it happens I want to spend some time relaxing with family and friends. I haven't seen anyone from home since April.
This didn't happen in September, but it is happening in October :)

September was a whirlwind month and it was great. I made it through my first month of a real job without major issues, I continued to go out with friends, have a life, and I somehow made it all work. Things are good. Plus, the weather is cooling down and that always makes things better.

In October:

I will go to Florida, my ticket is already booked! I am going to celebrate one of my best friend's 25th birthdays.

Apple picking is on the calendar for this month, and I am excited to head upstate for my second annual apple picking adventure!

I want to do something awesome for Halloween.

I need to buy some more Fall clothes, I deserve it. 

I am also going to take the opportunity to make as many pumpkin flavored things that I can! 

I might get a haircut. I want something new, but I can't decide what I want. 


Oct 3, 2012

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend

The fact that it is Wednesday night and it is the first time since Sunday I can share with you my weekend means I am a tad bit overwhelmed.

In all honesty:

I'm tired
I have a ton of work to do
I am thankful for a job
I still don't like my commute
My friends are awesome
My first paycheck was awesome
My life is feeling very adult

This past weekend was great! I spent my Saturday afternoon having lunch with the family I worked for all last year. They were my family away from my family and it was fabulous to catch up with them and see how this new school year is treating them. It's really nice to have people that want the best for you even though they don't have to because they aren't related.

Then Saturday night I saw the movie, the Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I loved it. I then turned around and read the book and I loved that too. See it, read it, feel awkward.

My friends and I celebrated Saturday night, by going out to a German bar and drinking two liters each. That's about all I remember.

Just kidding, I remember it all and it was really fun! We drank, we ate German sausages, and played card games. It was exactly what I needed to get my mind off of work.

On Sunday, I went to brunch, then traveled through a street fair, then a few friends and I took a hand at brewing our own beer. The brunch was excellent, the street fair was crowded, and the beer brewing was intense. It takes about a month before we can actually taste the beer, but I'm hoping it's pumpkin deliciousness. 

Now excuse me while I take a nap because I'm exhausted.

Yep, I do