Dec 2, 2012

Family Visits

In the month of November I had a few visitors.

First my good friend Amy came to town and we partied. Not really.  We really just hung out with my friends, saw some sights, and had a good time catching up.

We went to see Elf on Broadway. Fantastic. We ate Korean BBQ. Also Fantastic.We (she) sung karaoke. Pretty Fantastic.

Then my sister came to town. We also partied. For Thanksgiving.

We skipped the actual parade, but we made it out to see the balloons get blown up the night before.

My roommate, her friend, my sister, and I had a feast for Thanksgiving. I think I cooked a pretty awesome looking )and tasting) turkey! Our tiny table looked very festive too.

 We joined some other alumni and friends to watch the Gators beat our in state rivals FSU! 

We also made it to two broadway shows! Wicked and the Fantastiks.

Wicked was fantastic, The Fantastiks was not. However, Aaron Carter was the lead in the Fantastiks and my sister got to pretend we were little girls with giant boy band crushes again.

All in all, we had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

This past weekend, my mom came to visit and it was a short relaxing visit but we accomplished a lot of great things! I got errands completed, we did some Christmas shopping, we ate ridiculous amounts of food, and we relaxed (which was much needed)!

We also managed to make it down to Rockefeller plaza to see the tree!
I love when company comes to visit, but I am also looking forward to weekend without visitors when I can sleep in until 10 and not change out of PJs all day. 

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