Oct 3, 2012

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend

The fact that it is Wednesday night and it is the first time since Sunday I can share with you my weekend means I am a tad bit overwhelmed.

In all honesty:

I'm tired
I have a ton of work to do
I am thankful for a job
I still don't like my commute
My friends are awesome
My first paycheck was awesome
My life is feeling very adult

This past weekend was great! I spent my Saturday afternoon having lunch with the family I worked for all last year. They were my family away from my family and it was fabulous to catch up with them and see how this new school year is treating them. It's really nice to have people that want the best for you even though they don't have to because they aren't related.

Then Saturday night I saw the movie, the Perks of Being a Wallflower, and I loved it. I then turned around and read the book and I loved that too. See it, read it, feel awkward.

My friends and I celebrated Saturday night, by going out to a German bar and drinking two liters each. That's about all I remember.

Just kidding, I remember it all and it was really fun! We drank, we ate German sausages, and played card games. It was exactly what I needed to get my mind off of work.

On Sunday, I went to brunch, then traveled through a street fair, then a few friends and I took a hand at brewing our own beer. The brunch was excellent, the street fair was crowded, and the beer brewing was intense. It takes about a month before we can actually taste the beer, but I'm hoping it's pumpkin deliciousness. 

Now excuse me while I take a nap because I'm exhausted.


  1. I was introduced to Cards Against Humanity this weekend, such a hilarious and inappropriate game, I think I cried from laughing so hard!

  2. Oooh! Cards Against Humanity is seriously my favorite new game! SO much fun!