Oct 7, 2012

September/October Bucket List

I totally made it through September and I enjoyed myself and worked like crazy!

I will NOT order food just because I am tired. I will cook dinner almost every night! I think I managed to accomplish this most of the time!

I will attempt to go or do one thing I have never done in the city before. I accomplished this! I went and saw a movie at The Brooklyn Academy of Music, I attended a street Festival called Atlantic Antic, and I found a few restaurants and bars that I have come to love :)

I am going to see Imagine Dragons this month and I'm pretty sure it will be epic! It was amazing. I am head over heels for this band. I might be known to listen to their new album on repeat during an entire commute to work.

I want to buy a crockpot and make some awesome crockpot dinners :) Fail, it's on my list of things to do!

Maybe I'll get around to painting the other walls in my bedroom...maybe. Again, Fail.

I might be going home to Florida this month and if it happens I want to spend some time relaxing with family and friends. I haven't seen anyone from home since April.
This didn't happen in September, but it is happening in October :)

September was a whirlwind month and it was great. I made it through my first month of a real job without major issues, I continued to go out with friends, have a life, and I somehow made it all work. Things are good. Plus, the weather is cooling down and that always makes things better.

In October:

I will go to Florida, my ticket is already booked! I am going to celebrate one of my best friend's 25th birthdays.

Apple picking is on the calendar for this month, and I am excited to head upstate for my second annual apple picking adventure!

I want to do something awesome for Halloween.

I need to buy some more Fall clothes, I deserve it. 

I am also going to take the opportunity to make as many pumpkin flavored things that I can! 

I might get a haircut. I want something new, but I can't decide what I want. 


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