May 13, 2011

Rain, Rain, Come again

It is basically Summer in Florida right now, which means that we have both 90 degree afternoons and regular thunderstorms. When I was growing up, we would spend our Summer days playing at the beach or running around the block with the other kids making weird sounds and getting into trouble. During these times, a thunderstorm was an exciting end to the afternoon because it brought the temperature down a few degrees, we got to run in the puddles when the lightning wasn't super scary, and it gave us a reason to go inside and bug my mom to let us watch TV.

Fast forward to college, the Summer still comes with 90 degree days and daily thunderstorms. The warm weather is welcomed, but my love for the thunderstorms turned into animosity. Once Summer rolled around, my program required Summer classes. This meant that I would have to spend my beautiful summer afternoons listening to professor boring while my friends texted me to go to the pool. The only thing I hated more then the idea of summer classes is the fact that each afternoon as I walked out of my apartment, the skys would start to rumble, the sky would turn grey, and I would be traveling to class in the rain. It never failed. I carried an umbrella, but the thunderstorms in florida are wild and I would usually get to class looking like a puppy who accidently fell into the pool. Not cute. For those three summers, I loathed thunderstorms.

Fast forward to my first summer post college. This is where I am right now. I am loving the weather and I am also loving the thunderstorms. Now in my free afternoons a rumbling, gray sky means nap time. I spend my mornings working and then I come home, eat some lunch and when the rains moves in my body takes a little break. I love the sound of the rain pelting against my window and I love to count the seconds between the roar of the thunder and the crack of the lighting. It is a fantastic way to spend the afternoons and my hate for the thunderstorm has turned to an open armed welcome.

It seems that I may be a little two faced in this argument, but I honestly think thunderstorms are a beautiful thing when I don't have to be outside traveling in them. It would be nice if Mother Nature consulted me before sending a thunderstorm to my city.

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