May 29, 2011

30 days of Awesome

Moving to New York City is by far the most exciting and adventurous thing I have decided to do in my life, but it also has a few downsides. One of the biggest downsides is moving away from the town that I have called home for the past 5 years, Gainesville. I never wanted to spend my life here, but I have become rather fond of this orange and blue paradise. Another downside is leaving my friends and family, I think I have the best group ever. To honor Gainesville and the people I love, I have decided to complete a bucket list of 30 things that I will complete in just under 30 days.

I tried to pick certain events that reminded me of great memories from the past 5 years. I also chose a few things that I have never done, but always wanted to do. I also chose specific events to share with specific people. I hope I can make it work and see everyone multiple times in the next few weeks :)

1. Eat in the bus at Satchels
2. Visit Devils Millhopper
3. Go Tubing at the Springs
4. Dlites...mmmm tasty
5. eat a slice of spin/tom pizza at Leo’s
6. The Top - my favoritest restaurant in the ville
7. Drink a beer at Stubbies (6/10/11)
8. Walk around The Swamp one more time
9. Attend another play at The Hipp
10. Visit the girls and eat a cupcake at Sarkara
11. Have a Potluck with girls
12. Dinner with Danielle and her babies
13. Visit Payne’s Praire
14. Visit Museum of Natural History/Harn
15. Eat Krishna Lunch
16. Visit Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
17. Rent a paddle boat at Lake Wahlburg
18. Watch the bats at sundown at the Bat House
19. Paint the wall one more time
20. Eat sushi at Dragonfly
21. Have crispy tots at Gator Dawgs
22. Go on a random roadtrip to Ocala for icecream
23. Host a Game Night/ Have a dinner Party
24. Spend a Day with Sammy
25. Hangout with Kaylin
26. Go to the Atlantic
27. Visit with the family
28. Red Mango...mmmm tasty
29. Trivia Night at Gators Dockside
30. have a final lunch/dinner/something with everyone

I am going to make weekly blogposts with pictures and details about each task. Stay tuned!

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