Aug 13, 2012

Birthday Recap

Birthdays are an interesting part of life. They are this fabulous day where everyone celebrates you because you were born. We anticipate these days for weeks ahead of time when and then the actual day of your birthday arrives, it usually let's you down. Not all birthdays are this way, I have some fond memories of surprise parties and family dinners that involved lasagna, but in reality the hope that everyone of your friends and family members can take the time to celebrate you on your birthday is not realistic. This year I turned 25, a semi-important birthday which makes me officially an adult because I can now rent a car without paying an underage fee. My birthday fell on a Thursday and thanks to Mother Nature, it rained pretty much all day. I also had plans to move that weekend and a lot of my friends were away on vacations.

Instead of letting my lack-of-plans birthday get me down, I decided to go against the norm and plan a birthday celebration for a later date. After looking through my plans for August, I decided to schedule my birthday get together for August 10th because it was a weekend when I had nothing else going on and most of my friends were back in town. It also happened to be the night when the 90's Sing-along was happening at a bar in Brooklyn.

The night started off with a bang with dinner at Do or Dine in Brooklyn. This tiny little restaurant is starting to make a name for itself because of the unique menu and the fact that one of the owners is Justin Warner, the guy that just won Food Network Star.  

The food was awesome and my friends and I ordered a lot of different dishes, such as the fish and chips, the deep fried devil eggs, the frog legs, and the dumpling nachos. There were more awesome dishes, but I forgot them now. We sat outside where they had a lot of tables for bigger parties and the ambiance was really relaxed and fun. Justin even served our table all night and I am really excited to see his show this Fall!

After dinner, we headed to a bar in Brooklyn that hosts a 90's sing along once a month! Can I quickly explain how much I love 90's music. The terrible music videos, the awful outfits, and the catchy lyrics are AMAZING! My friends and I had a few drinks, danced to the Spice Girls, LFO, Oasis, and No Doubt, and we had a blast!

I am thankful that so many of my friends made it out to my birthday because it was a great way to celebrate turning 25. Now I just need to rent that rental car....

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