Aug 19, 2012

Photo Dump!

I need/want this T-shirt from Old Navy. Ever since I moved to NYC, my mom and sister refer to it as Living the Dream. For example, if I complain about the subways or the people or the smell of the trash on a hot sunny day, they respond to me by saying: Well Laura, You're Living the Dream. It's quite poetic and annoying.

This would be some of the delicious food I have eaten this week.  The bowl is full of delicious falafel from Maoz. I piled it high with coleslaw, chickpeas, cauliflower and broccoli and their signature garlic sauce. It is crazy good! The next picture would be a heart attack inducing ice cream sandwich from Cool Haus, an ice cream truck that specializes in homemade cookies and ice cream in unique flavors. This would be brown butter bacon ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. I could seriously only eat half, which was a waste of money, but so tasty!


I love the fact that I live in a city where I can walk around and happen upon amazing sights like these!

My new apartment! I love it and my roommate and I get along so much better than the last! The first picture is our shoe wall, which is located in the extra bedroom that we use as a giant walk in closet. The next two pictures showcase my awesome painting skills and the new jewelery hangers I put up. I love the clear door knobs against the teal. The last picture is my new dining room table! I have been swooning over this table for quite some time from IKEA and I happily found it for half the price on craigslist. Moving on up!

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