Aug 9, 2012

It's OK...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

to feel unmotivated to do anything today because I don't have to.

that cooking with avacados is the only real thing I plan to accomplish.

that my cat is lonely now that she is the only cat in the household.

to wear the same flip flops each and every day and get a flip flop tan.

to cry when said flip flops break and now you have crazy flip flop tan.

to decide that I don't need an AC again this year. It's already August and I made it this far.

to already be excited for my next house guest when my friend who visited this week only left this morning.

to wonder if my family is ever coming to see me in NYC again.

that my trivia team won last night thanks to my incredible guessing skills about Pixar film characters. (It has nothing to do with the other five categories that my team carried the weight on. I kid.)

that last night I asked the bartender if one of the three TVs could possibly change to the Olympics because you know it's only the US team vs. the US team for the Gold in Beach Volleyball. No big. (yes I know the Mets and the Yankees were playing, because they play almost every freaking night)

to eat coconut pineapple ice cream solely because it tastes like a pina colada but it has way less alcohol. like way less.

to wonder of the Spice Girls could really make a comeback. I know I'll be watching the closing ceremonies and singing along karaoke style.

to love the new crunch bars that taste like girl scout cookies, those things are delicious.

to hate the smell of NYC in the Summer. It's a mixture of pooling water mixed with hot trash slightly elevated by BO with no breeze.

don't get me started with the subway platforms this time of year. That's never OK.

Happy Thursday! Stay cool, stay clean, and stay out of NYC until at least October.

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