Aug 1, 2012

July happened, rather quickly.

I know that I am always saying that time has flown by, but I seriously mean it when i say that JULY FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES. I feel like it was just June 28th and school was ending and now it's August 1st. I am slightly concerned that I cannot even recap July because it was so busy.

For work I got to:

  1. go row boating in Central Park
  2. go bowling
  3. visit the NYC Transit Museum - yes I pretended to drive a fake bus.
  4. go to Coney Island
  5. go to the Natural History Museum   
  6. see animals at the Bronx Zoo

For fun I got to:
  1. go to DC over the 4th of July
  2. rides some rides at Dorney Park in PA when I spent a weekend there
  3. take a weekend to surround myself in music at Firefly
  4. see the NY Philharmonic play in Central Park
  5. sing like a fool at a 90's music sing-a-long
  6. watch some of the Olympics
  7. go and see Bring It On: the musical on Broadway
  8. participate in the MP3 Experiment

For myself I:
  1. turned 25. New York may have decided to have a monsoon rainstorm and ruin my outside plans. The day ended up not being that exciting (aka I cooked a turkey burger and watched reruns of Law & Order) but I'm making up for it when my friends and I celebrate next week.
  2. moved into a new apartment. I moved twice in the month of July, so that was really fun. I am thrilled to be out of the horrible situation I was in last year and then I thought I had found a place, but things changed on my roommate's part and I had to move again. I was frustrated with it at first, but now that I have moved, I am really thinking it was meant to happen. My new roommate is much more like myself and I think we are going to actually be friends and not just room neighbors. Plus, the place is bigger and WAY closer to the subway.
  3. painted my nails a lot. It is my new way to de-stress (I get it from my sister)

In August (I can't believe I just typed that, I have officially been doing bucket lists for a year) I want to:

Go to a Museum that I have never been to
Eat brunch out with the girls
Eat better and at home more
Post at least 17 times this month
Explore the new neighborhood 
Make some of the crafts that I have been swooning over on Pinterest for months
Get my room unpacked, organized, and make it feel like I own it

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