Aug 30, 2012

It's been one of those weeks.

Emotions this week are swerving high and low like a roller coaster.

High: I got a job!

Low: School starts next week

High: I have my own classroom!

Low: That needs to be decorated before next week

High: I'm teaching middle school history! A subject I love!

Low: It wasn't my major nor am I an expert, so I have a lot of planning/learning to do.

High: I will have a salary!

Low: The commute is around an hour and a half each way via the subway/bus system.

High: I get to make my own lessons, management system, homework, procedures, etc, etc.

Low:  What if I'm not exactly ready....and this happens:


High: I got a freaking job!

I'm excited and nervous and I can finally say I made it in NYC!

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