Sep 3, 2012

Bucket List....

So it's August and I am so thankful that Fall is around the corner. I'm talking scarves, salted caramel lattes, Halloween parties, and Turkey. Before I get too ahead of myself, let's look at what I may or may not have accomplished in August:

Go to a Museum that I have never been to - Check! I went to the Native American History Museum and the The Museum of The Moving Image.
Eat brunch out with the girls - Check again! A group of us went to brunch for a friends birthday this month!
Eat better and at home more - I'm going to give myself a check minus. I definitely ate at home more this month and ate more fresh fruit and veggies, but I am not completely happy with this goal.
Post at least 17 times this month - Ha! I failed worse this month than in July. Putting the pressure to blog makes me not want to blog so this goal is ending.
Explore the new neighborhood - Super Check! I found a brunch place I love! I found a nail place that is super nice and cheap! I am walking distance to the grocery store, post office, library, and produce market! I am a hop, skip, and a jump from the subway - Basically I have yet to find something I don't love about this neighborhood!
Make some of the crafts that I have been swooning over on Pinterest for months - Negative. I got busy.
Get my room unpacked, organized, and make it feel like I own it  - Also, negative. I ended up not being super crafty r domestic this month. I'm hoping once school starts I am able to tackle this on a weekend.

In other August News:

I got a job! I do a whole post about my classroom once it's done being set up!
I went to see Mary Poppins on Broadway!
My new roomie and I hungout and got to know each other better.
We hosted a rooftop party for a friend's birthday!
I went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show with friends and we visited a themed bar called The Trailer Park!
One of my bestest friends from college came to visit! We went to Dylan's Candy Bar, The Comedy Cellar, and attempted to get tickets for Book of Mormon, but failed, so we saw Magic Mike instead. 
I saw the Backstreet Boys perform live on Good Morning America
I saw Adam Brody filming a movie on the street
I went to the US Open!

In September:

I start school this week and I have an hour and a half commute each way, so I am not making too many promises. 

I will NOT order food just because I am tired. I will cook dinner almost every night!
I will attempt to go or do one thing I have never done in the city before.
I am going to see Imagine Dragons this month and I'm pretty sure it will be epic!
I want to buy a crockpot and make some awesome crockpot dinners :)
Maybe I'll get around to painting the other walls in my bedroom...maybe.
I might be going home to Florida this month and if it happens I want to spend some time relaxing with family and friends. I haven't seen anyone from home since April. 

I am making myself promise that with the exception of this first week of school, I will go out with friends at least one week night every week. I do not want to become one of those 25 year olds who have no social life outside of work. I love having events to look forward to and I moved to the city to experience everything it has to offer, I will not waste those opportunities. I can sleep when I'm 80. 

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