Jul 23, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Florida summers are brutal. New York summers are worst. I knew it would be hot here, but jeez o pete this weather is awful.

To make matters worse, most New York City apartments don't have central A/C. No I am not lying, my apartment is sans A/C, but we do have some fans. This is by far the biggest adjustment I have had to New York...I miss my 72 degree apartment.

2 days ago one of my roommates and I were hanging out in the apartment when the other roommates asked us to come downstairs with her. We followed and found ourselves in the street facing an open fire hydrant. The water was cool and refreshing, a much needed break from the heat. Never in my life have I seen kids playing in fire hydrants in the Summer. It is awesome how the city has taken a sticky situation like the lack of a beach or pool or yard for sprinklers and given residents to beat the heat. In New York City, you can go to a fire station and get a cap that allows you to open the hydrant without thousands of gallons of water rushing out. Kids play in the water, parents play in the water, bike riders and pedestrians even jump in sometimes. It is fabulous! If you choose to not go to the fire station and just open a hydrant you can be fined.

Yesterday the weather started with a high of 100 degrees, but then it was pushed up and the high was actually 104 degrees...a record for New York City! Plus with the heat index....sweat sweat sweat.

Today it was also hot, but I tool some precautions and drank lots of water, maybe had some ice cream, wore light colored clothes....you get the idea.

Tomorrow the heat is supposed to break and be back in the 90's. I can handle that, I have my whole life :)

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