Jul 27, 2011

Number 24

Yesterday was my 24th birthday! Different from most years, I never really put any thought into my birthday because I have been so preoccupied, moving, apartment hunting, job searching, and exploring the city. 24 is nothing special, but for some reason that number feels semi-old. Now I am even closer to 25 then 20 (1 year! holycowwhathappenedIjustturned21yesterday). Now that I officially feel semi-old, I hope this year brings things that semi-old people do. Like a job. That would be fantastic. I would also like to make some new friends in the city that do semi-old stuff like go to happy hours, have dinner parties, and join book clubs. I already do these things so I just need to find friends who can join.

Now on to the fun things I did yesterday...

My birthday is the day in which my facebook blows-up. I know you can relate. I got messages from people I am friends and family with in real life, people I knew way back when, people I have worked with, people I forgot, people I never really knew but they felt like adding me after that event. Basically I got lots of messages and it was fun to reply to everyone and have a few conversations with people that I haven't talked to lately.

I got cards and presents :) Yay! I don't think that I will ever be too old for cards and presents. I got a card from my Mom, my grandparents, and my awesome friend Barbara. I also got a pretty cool bracelet/charm bracelet from my mom.

Then I went to dinner and a few bars with my roommates. Dinner was good, but the bars we went to were super fun! The first bar was called Barcade and you guessed it..it was a Bar and an Arcade! The walls were lined with old classic arcade games like Paperboy, Ms. Pacman, Tetris, and Frogger. The best part about all of the games is that they only cost .25 cents to play! Talk about a deal! the beer menu was also interesting with many different types of unusual draft beers. I had a hibiscus beer that was pink/red in color and had slight citrusy taste.

After barcade, my roommates and I made our way to Full Circle Bar. This was another really fun place to hangout. Again, this bar focused on games, but only one: skee-ball. A-W-E-S-O-M-E! They had multiple skee-ball games across the bar and everyone was able to play for free. Since I am a horrible skee-ball player, I played in jest, but ended up beating my roommates with a birthday winning score of 490! This bar was pretty cool too! We had another fun and adventerous cab ride home, but this one was not nearly as creepy. My roommates also put a match in a cupcake and sang me Happy Birthday when we got home. A totally great way to end my first birthday in the Big Apple.

Thanks for the birthday wishes via text, phone call, email, or fb message :)

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