Jul 19, 2011

What they say is true...

Perhaps you have heard that NYC Yellow cabs are crazy....it is true. Last night after seeing Harry Potter :) I took my first yellow cab ride with my roommates.

Once you get inside a yellow cab, the cabbie cannot refuse to take you to your location as long as it is within the 5 boroughs. However, the cabbie can complain the entire way if they don't like where you have asked them to go...aka Brooklyn.

Fast forward like 5 minutes and Mr. Cranky Cabbie becomes Mr. Creepy Cabbie. He says that he can tell that my roommate sitting in the middle has money. We asked him why he felt that way and he said because she had a hole in her cheek (dimple). We kinda shrugged it off until he started talking about the hole in her cheek again. His words were:
"I, the mustache man, would like to eat ice cream out of your dimple, and you will feel like rose flower."
What the hell does that even mean? Weird, right? We all started to laugh at him and then asked him questions like, "Does the man have to have a mustache to feel like a rose flower?" "What does a rose flower feel like?" etc....He just continued to talk about the hole in her cheek and how he is single because he "dates them and drops them."

Needless to say we had him drop us off a few blocks from our house because we don't need any mustache men cabbies hanging outside the apartment. I might also never get in a cab again at night...at least never alone.

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