Jul 21, 2011

Public transportation

Growing up in Daytona Beach and then moving to Gainesville really gave me a sheltered concept of public transportation. I knew about buses. I rode buses to class. Then when I got to college I started to travel and I experienced the metro in D.C. and I even rode the subway when I came to New York.

Riding the subway as a tourist and riding the subway as a way to get from point A to point B each and every single day is very different. I have even gotten on a bus or two since I have been here.

Let's break down the good, the bad, and the ugly...

The Good
The trains usually run on time
A/C on the trains
Enough trains to get you within a few blocks of almost anywhere you want to go
funny advertisements
People Watching
Time to listen to my ipod or read a book
getting a seat to myself
My hopstop app...amazing way to figure out where I am going
When people give up their seats for the disabled or elderly
The bus stop is in front of my apt..literally
The people who like to sing and are good at it
The subway station is only a few blocks away

The Bad
Bad B/O
Sweaty people
being crammed into a train that really has not even an inch of space left..oh another three people just made their way on..awesome
The religious fanatics who share their word with you
sudden stops
The people who like to sing and are good at it but then ask for money
The people that just ask for money
not knowing which exit to leave the station from
uptown or downtown?
The heat inside the subway station
When bus tops change and you don't know

The Ugly
I could not resist taking a picture of this lady. I mean really...I know it is hot as hades around here, but have the courtesy to put on an actual shirt and not a 100% lace tank top with only your bra, that is two sizes too small, underneath. Not to mention that her shorts cover less than my bathing suit.

I know you can't really see the image that burned my retinas (the front), but I didn't want to get beat down for taking the pic so I went with the back shot.

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