Jul 25, 2011

Why being 7 again wouldn't be so bad..

There is a noise I hear everyday. A quiet, but very familiar noise. A noise that I can hear from my bedroom on the fourth floor of my building. I am an absolute fan of the noise. The noise is the ice cream truck.

The familiar little chorus that blares from the truck as it rides up and down the street I live on. A noise that makes me want to grab my dollars and run like the wind down the four flights of stairs only to jump into the street and wave. Then I remember that I am almost 24 and it wouldn't be very polite to knock people over and jump in front of children to taste my childhood. So instead I just watch from my window as the neighborhood children get excited and call out to their parents, "The ice cream truck is coming, can I get some?" The icecream truck pulls over, serves up some sweet sticky treats, and then he takes off again and you can listen to the chime as it drives farther and farther away until the sound is just a memory.

Honestly, every time I hear that little chime, I smile... and then I eat some ice cream from my freezer.

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