Jul 10, 2012

This Summer...

The Summer started off with no real warning. One day it was Spring, then it was suddenly Summer. I had all intentions of keeping you up to date with my Summer plans, but life happened and things fell apart.

Now that I suddenly found a few hours to kill, I want to share with you how I am spending my Summer.

First, I am working, contrary to the popular belief that teachers have all Summer off to frolic through fields of daisies. I am not a full time teacher, thus I do not make a full time salary, which renders it impossible for me to lounge around all Summer becoming a few shades less pale than I usually am. Instead of flipping burgers, or standing behind a register for the next three months, I have put together a small day camp. It started as an idea with the family that I regular tutored for and it developed into a full fledged 2 month day camp.

I sat down with the girl I tutored and we discussed what would make Summer fun. We talked about museums and movies and science experiments. I dug deep into my brain to remember things I used to do during my Summer camp experiences and I began to create a calendar. It started off with a few field trips here and there and then it expanded to having a field trip nearly everyday. We came up with themed weeks that offer activities and trips to follow the theme and we left a few free days for unexpected things that may pop up. She is also keeping a notebook full of admission tickets, pictures, artifacts, and notes as a scrapbook of sorts for the entire Summer.

Here is a look at week 1:

Day 1 - The Museum of the City of New York
Day 2 - The Spy Museum
Day 3 -  This was the last day of school. Don't ask me why we had M and T off and then a half day on Wed.
Day 4 - The Museum of Natural History
Day 5- Bicycle Riding in Central Park

Here is week 2:

Day 1 - Staten Island Ferry and a picnic
Day 2 - Sony Wonder Technology Lab & we traveled down to DC
Day 3 -  Explored Washington DC and watched fireworks at the White House
Day 4 - Explored more of DC
Day 5-Relaxation Day - Manicures and Pedicures!

We are officially midway through week number 3 and it has been the most fun! This week is Science Week!
Day 1 - We set up multiple experiments that will run for the entire week.
Day 2 - The New York Hall of Science
Day 3 - The Bronx Zoo

Day 4 - The Museum of Natural History
Day 5- Water Day! Water balloon and water gun fight in the park

This week has been the most fun to plan. We have done 6 science experiments so far (The Naked Egg, Ziploc Bag Bomb, Making Crystals, Egg Drop, Tye Dye Milk) and I am really looking forward to the solar ovens and homemade ice cream on Friday!

 I have been spending so much time with a nine year old and I love it. We have watched really ridiculous TV shows that they call cartoons (I'm looking at you Adventure Time!), I have schooled her in amazing 90's culture like Space Jam and thumb wrestling, and she has even taught me how to play chess. It's basically a win-win situation. I get to plan all kinds of trips to museums and events around the city and play games and I get to call it work.

This Summer is going to fly by so fast, but at least I will have fun!


  1. Man, I wish you were my tutor. That sounds like fun!

  2. Fellow teacher here!

    Don't you just hate it when you have a long weekend but a half day in the middle of the week? Who makes these schedules?!

    I am off to Canada tomorrow so it will be good to leave Manila behind for 5 weeks.