Jul 30, 2012

So...I've been slacking.

I don't know what has gotten into me this month (or really the last few months), but my blogging has been on a major back burner. During the month of July I wrote a measly 7 posts....which in my opinion is weak. I have plenty of information to share with you like the day I spent at Coney Island or the time the bus driver decided he was just not going to stop at any of the stops, or the fact that I moved AGAIN this month, or how much my new neighborhood rocks, or I could share with you how much I hate the way a lot of people dress (or don't dress) during the Summer. I might want to tell you that the job hunt is still happening and I'm crossing all fingers/toes that I get a teaching job this school year. I have also moved on from the addiction I had to Draw Something and am now a Templerun fanatic. I might write about the fact that Ryan Lochte went to my high school and my University. I kinda want to share with you the story of how I bruised both of my knees on the way to the laundromat the other day. I also found out that you can cook for an entire month without ever opening the stove, I could share those recipes and I could recap my birthday or lack thereof.

Basically, there is plenty I could write about, but instead I come home from work, find myself catching up on some TV, and then going to sleep. I am really aiming to do better next month, like 10 more posts better.

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