Jul 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday - Birthday Edition

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK Thursday is one of my favorite link-ups but I have been slacking lately. I'm back today and it's special because today I turn 25!

It's OK...

to want to tell everyone it's your birthday. It's the one day that is all about you and I want to feel special.

that I painted my nails with glitter just for this week.

to still not know what day it is after Firefly. (except I now know it's Thursday or this link-up wouldn't be right.)

to love my new neighborhood and finally be almost settled.

that I still have no idea what I'm doing about a job next school year. Let's hope it works out.

to wear flip flops everyday during the Summer. (except I have a flip-flop tan.)

to have the urge to bake cookies, frost cakes and blow out candles.

to want someone to go to the laundromat for me.

that turkey burgers from Trader Joe's are my current favorite go-to meal.

to not understand why some friends choose to act the way they do. It's life and sometimes it's not meant to last.

that my birthday party is not scheduled until August 10th because I was too busy the next two weekends.

to be happy that I got a Thursday post written in time for the link-up.

that even though I was in the city last year for my birthday, this feels like the first birthday in the city because I actually know people.

that tomorrow is Friday.


  1. Happy Birthday! My baby girl turns 27 on the 30th~

  2. The city? What do you do, take the buckboard in once a month and buy a month's worth of vittles? lol

    Happy Birthday! Like you, I stay so busy that this year (again) I celebrated mine after the fact.

    All I wear are flip flops except when I am teaching, and if I could get away with it there, I would.

    Even though you're busy, do you have 1-3 days to spare for the blog hop I am hosting? It's called, "The Dog Days of Summer." I'd love to see you hop over and check it out.


  3. Happy birthday! We love our neighborhood! It's so nice when you're finally settled in & you actually like the place! :)

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    Stopping by from the link up !

  5. you had me at glitter nails!

    happy friday! come say hello at nichollvincent.blogspot.com :)