Jun 21, 2011

Bucket List Week #3

This update is overdue, but it comes along with three extra days and I will tell you why later. I am still loving this idea and I hope that I one day feel this nostalgic about NYC. I have 1 week ladies and gents until I fly away and join the ranks of new york city idealists.

Let's talk about last week :

6/12/11 -6/21/11

Rent a paddle boat at Lake Wauberg - UF owns this awesome lake in which students can go to for free and rent (for free..meaning $0.00 ) paddle boats, kayaks, sailboats, or just swim. As sweet as this deal is, I have never gone in my five years and I knew I would regret it if I didn't go. I grabbed a few friends (Barbara, her mom, and Jazz) and we headed to Lake Wauberg for a fun day in the sun. We rented a paddle boat, swan in the lake, and even jumped off the dock! Exciting and totally worth the no money we spent. I almost regret not taking advantage of this more while I lived in Gainesville :(

Eat in the bus at Satchels - This restaurant is super eclectic and that is why I love it! The main attraction is their pizza, but I come back for the salad! I have eaten here a handful of times over my years , but I have always sat inside the restaurant or in the back where they have concerts. I have never had the opportunity to sit in the VW bus that is positioned out front with tables inside. It is quite the experience! Every inch of space inside the bus has been signed by people who have visited and it is awesome to sit and read what people wrote. I really enjoyed sharing this evening with great friends :)

Trivia Night at Gators Dockside - Who doesn't love answering random questions? I have always wanted to go to trivia night, but never really got m act together to plan it with my friends. The bucket list has given me these powers and so a group of my friends and I went to trivia night! We bombed...like really terrible. We may not have won the bar tab, but we did laugh a lot, have fun, and find a new activity that we should have been partaking in a few years ago.

Red Mango - This tasty fro-yo treat is my fav! The yogurt isn't quite as tart as some other companies and I appreciate that! Plus I love that you can pile on as many toppings as you little heart desires and you pay by the oz. Awesome! My sister, Sarah and I had a quick, but delicious treat at Red Mango! (I just looked and they have these in new York, so I won't really miss Red Mango, but I will miss these people!)

Visit with the family - Ahhhhhh..what says relaxing like a trip home for the weekend? Wait we are having a yardsale? Your packing up your house to move? That doesn't doesn't sound very relaxing, but it was good to spend time with my family. I kinda also double dipped this weekend too because I needed to sell a lot of my stuff before I moved so I brought it all with me to my Mom's house and we sold it :) My junk....your treasure! I got to spend some time with my Mom which was great because I think she is having the hardest time with my moving away. We packed, sold stuff, ate dinner, and swam in their new pool. It was agreat way to de-stress and reorganize before my last week of tying up loose ends.

Hangout with Kaylin - In the middle of the weekend, my best friend for many years, came down to my Mom's house to say goodbye and hangout one last time. Kaylin and I have known each since way back when in Girl Scouts and we have been through almost everything together. Now that we have grown up, we are definitely different people, but that lifelong friendship thing still applies. We may not talk everyday, every week, or sometimes every month, but when we do it's like we pick up where the conversation ended. I was really glad she drove down to visit and spend some time with me, because I am not sure when we will get to hangout again.

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