Jun 6, 2011

Last Day of School

As a student I looked forward to the end of the school year with such a vivid excitement about the summer. I yearned to sleep in, play outside, and read books. I remember going to the beach, spending Friday nights at the movie theater, and making great memories camping with my girl scout troop. I didn't mind it when I got a rosy red sunburn or when my freckles covered my face from cheek to cheek.

Now that I am working in a school, I realize that teachers look forward to the Summer even more than the kids. I think the countdown at my school started around day 50 and you could hear the teachers pass each other in the halls and give a friendly reminder...46 days! I joined in on the fun...I started to look forward to sleeping in and spending time at the pool. I thought about how much time I would have to complete my bucket list. I grew excited as the countdown got smaller because it meant that I would be even closer to moving and starting my dream!

As I drove away from school today, I cried. I realized that I'm leaving and that it was the last time I would see many of colleagues that I have spent the last year with. I also got teary eyed when I thought about the relationships I built with students over the past year and a half that I spent at this school. Most of the students don't know that they won't see me again, because I couldn't tell them. I feel guilty about leaving a certain few students who I really bonded with. The student who continuously tried to pull pranks on me..."I got you!" or the student who gave me a hug each and every time I saw him. These are the reasons I became a teacher. These are also the reasons that leaving was a bittersweet day.

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