Jun 24, 2011

To the girls who kept me sane...

When I move I will miss many things, places, and people. I have put many of these things into my bucket list. The one item that I couldn't put into my bucket list was to have a fab 5 night. This is because the fab 5 have already been split up and I truly miss when we all get together. The fab 5 is a small group of girls, plus me, that I met a few years ago who have changed my life. I thought that joining a teaching program would teach me how to have classroom management and administer tests, which it did, but it also allowed me to meet some girls that I love dearly. We met during our first semester and were together until graduation day.

I will remember most:

Laughing until we cried
Crying until we laughed
Sharing engagements
the icebar
football games
Haunted Hy rides and corn field mazes
Standing next to you on your wedding day
sharing many birthdays together
traveling across country..twice
inside jokes
crazy google searches
thousands of pictures
pumpkin carving
painting the wall
midnight movies
shopping and window shopping
attending conferences
visiting your parents' home
studying together
watching you sing with your band
fighting with one another
apologizing to one another
decorating our caps
dealing with loss
making fun of professors
being a ringleader
bachelorette parties
bad hair days
awesome hair days
and hair days
No Judging
endless conferences and meetings
plays at the hippodrome
dinners at the Top
my car getting towed
board games
the girl who didn't last
the loss of some pets and the beginning of others
picture shoots
graduation day..twice

Most of all..I will remember the friendship that we made.

Thank you for being there for everything over the past few years. I am counting the months until we can all reunite again :)

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