May 9, 2012

Bucket List: 9 days late.

Here's April:

I will seriously get my driver's license updated.  (I did it, but I still don't have the actual license)
I will do my best to get a tan when I go to Florida for 9 days. (Tan? Me? What was I thinking?)

I will buy an air conditioner to prepare for this Summer. (It's not really been hot enough yet, but I know it's coming.)
I really want to see Newsies on Broadway, I will attempt to win the lottery at least twice. (Life happened)

I am going to be reuniting with some of my besties in DC at the end of the month. I will try to not get too emotional or sappy. (Oh this happened. It did)
My students take their citywide tests this month and I will bake them treats.
I want to get out and experience something new this month. A concert, a book signing, an art walk. (I went to a concert, Augustana and a book signing, Jen Lancaster)

I am going to eat meat again, but I am going to try to do half and half. I really have enjoyed being meat free for the last month or so and I found that I am much more resourceful than I thought. (Although I have incorporated meat into my diet again! I have done really well at making meat free meals like roasted pepper and corn soup or apple and cheddar grilled cheese)

I'm calling April a success!

Here is May:
Since the weather is getting super nice, I am planning to do a lot of outdoor activities, but also get myself on track for Summer!
  • Attend a Yankees Game
  • Eat a street vendor hotdog (this is for my mom, so she will stop harassing me!)
  • Go to the Bronx Zoo
  • Maybe I'll buy that air conditioner...
  • Get Contacts!
  • Figure out my Summer travel plans..if any
  • Go to a festival or two or three (it's that season)
  • Plan out the concerts/shows/movies that will be happening this Summer that I want to go to. (Almost every night during the Summer you can do something for free, but I was not in the know last Summer and I always missed stuff!)
  • Hand out resumes to 25 schools for a job next year!

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  1. DUDE. I think you put #3 up there before I emailed you! Super win!