May 2, 2012

Forgetting to Blog...It happens.

Remember when you were a child and you liked to play dress up and pretend to be an adult?

Remember when you were a teenager and didn't understand why your parents were so mean for making you study and do your homework?

But then you eventually got into college to perfect your skills to acquire a career for when you were an adult.

Remember when you became an adult and wished you could turn around and be that angst ridden teenager again?

But you realized that throwing a hissy fit and refusing to go work would mean that you couldn't pay your bills.

It's unfortunate how life works, isn't it?

We never seem to be content with what we have until it's too late. I miss those bill-free, bad-music filled, teenage days.

In the last three days I have worked 12 hour days and I am exhausted. I leave my house before 8 and return close to midnight. I haven't had time to eat, wash clothes, go grocery shopping, or blog. I'm lucky that my showers have continued. Do you have those days?  They are tiring and I needed to complain to someone who would listen. You.

Thanks for that



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  1. I think everyone has those days. hope you get some free time soon.