May 5, 2012

I got ID'ed! Almost.

We have all been in the situation where you have something to accomplish, but you put it off month after month, because you know that it will be taxing, difficult, and a pain to finish.

Re: Getting my New York Driver's License

It's been about 10 months since I moved to New York and I have still been using my Florida ID because the idea of going to the DMV makes me nauseous. Last Thursday, I had the morning off from work and I woke up in a good mood with some extra time so I decided to finally get my ID because I plan on sticking around here for awhile longer.

I got ready, grabbed a book, made sure I had all of my proofs of identity and I headed downtown. I practically skipped down the street because the weather was cool, the music on my Ipod was fabulous, and I was being productive.

When I got to the building I didn't notice the mega humongous line to my right and I tried to enter, but was quickly shown the way to the end of the line (a block away). That should have been my warning that this process would take awhile, but I decided to attempt it anyway because I wasn't sure when I would muster up the energy to do it again.

After 20 minutes waiting outside of the building, they were letting people into the building in groups of 20, it was my corrals shot. We practically ran in a line to the escalator, up to the third floor, and then got stopped by another line. This time we waited about 25 minutes to get to the information counter (not optional, everyone had to go to the information counter) where the very very patient and sweet* lady directed us to the next set of lines.

I then got in the picture taking line. First off, I was unsure of why there was a separate picture taking line, but I learned that information later and I didn't want to be the weirdo who asks stupid questions, so I went with it. After 45 brutal minutes in line behind a woman with the craziest weave I have ever seen, it was my turn! I walked up to the counter, handed over my proofs of identity, my application, and expected to quickly be done with this process. Unfortunately, I had only made it through the screening process and after taking my picture I was then given a number and asked to wait, again. My number was B437 and they were calling number B371 - just under 60 people in front of me. Okay, they had about 10 counters open, so I was positive.** I don't know how, but it took me over two and a half hours to get called to the counter. I was tired, frustrated, and my ass hurt from sitting for three hours.

The woman at the counter spoke very little English and was asking me question after question, so let's hope that I didn't agree to something crazy because I couldn't really understand what was being asked. After a quick 3 minutes, the woman said I was done, took my Florida license and broke it, asked for 60 dollars, and then printed out a interim license.***

This is why people don't go to the DMV. Next time I need to renew, I'm doing it online.

* Is there anyone who likes their job when they work in the DMV?
** Naive, I should have realized it would not be that easy.
*** After 4.5 hours, I didn't even get a license. I got a piece of paper that says I will get an ID in 2 weeks.

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