May 21, 2012

Perks of Teaching

There are mornings I wake up and want to curl back into my warm bed and go to sleep.

There are mornings that I need a 30 oz coffee to keep me awake.

There are mornings that I cringe at the thought of grading 30 plus papers about the Civil War vocabulary.

Then there are mornings like this morning, where I wake right up, grab a small coffee on my way to school, and show up with a pep in my step.

Field Trip mornings.

Today my class went on a field trip to explore the brand new Yankee Stadium. the fifth grade studies baseball in gym class, so it ties in educationally, but it happened to also be a really fun field trip.

We explored the museum, saw monuments to legends, and sat in the dugout. It was awesome. I love being a teacher.

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