May 17, 2012

It's OK Thursdays..


It's OK....

to have a love/hate relationship with my new contacts.

to love vanilla ice cream. with rainbow sprinkles.

to be excited about how close Summer vacation is.

to cross my fingers and say a few hopeful words that I start to get some interviews for a full time job next year.

to be really really excited about a dinner party I'm hosting next weekend.

to also be really thrilled about the GoogaMooga festival that I am going to this weekend.

to not understand the way ten year olds think. No, you may not ask to go to the bathroom during my instructions about the science lab. Yes, my eyes have always been blue green, the contacts don't make them that color.  No, you may not copy exactly what is written on the back of the book. Yes, Florida has trees and beaches but is that what we are talking about right now? No, you may not call me by my first name.

to kinda like the Bieber song, Boyfriend. Shame.

to take a taxi when it's raining and you don't feel like walking.

to love that I found a matte top coat nail polish today that isn't Essie brand! Score 1 for Laura.

to actually like the photo on my new drivers license!


  1. :) I kinda like that Bieber song too XD

  2. i kinda like the bieber song too. *gasp* But I found a cover I like of it better.

    Check it out:

    And rainbow sprinkles are the best!