Dec 7, 2011

Holiay Blog Challenge! Day 8


Welcome back again for more holiday chitter chatter! Today's topic is: My Christmas Wish list!

An Erin Condren Life Planner. It might possibly be the best planner I have ever seen in life.

A new watch. I got one last year for my birthday but it broke and I never replaced it. I like practical watches with a little bit of fun. This one is Betsey Johnson and it is pretty tame considering her usual designs :)

A new computer case. Since I am traveling all over the city everyday, I have asked for a bag that is big enough to hold my computer, but can also double as a purse. Double Duty!

A new bed frame, actually any bed frame would be an upgrade to the mattress that sits on the floor right now. This one looks a little large for my bedroom, but I love the extra storage and for some reason I think it looks fancy, so I would obviously feel cool sleeping on it.

I am also wishing for some scarves (yes mom, I know I have too many already and no more hooks to hang them on), sweaters, socks, and other things that I can layer because I have a feeling that I will never actually feel prepared for the Winter until next Spring.

I wish for more people to find my blog and follow me, so I can follow them, and have more blogs to help me waste my time during the day :)

I wish for Starbucks to lower their prices, because honestly, people complain about the price of a .42 cent stamp, but they don't think twice about the $5.76 on that double mocha venti drip drip split on ice and laced with crack they have every morning.
I wish for the MTA to have a delay free day. Wouldn't that be a miracle?

I wish for my family and friends to travel home for the holidays safely, I wish for them to have amazing holiday celebrations, and then to return home again to have the best 2012 they can.

I also wish that my Christmas cards find a way to label and mail themselves because I am having trouble making this work. 

I wish you all have just as many great Christmas wishes for the man in red this year :)

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