Dec 9, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge! Day 10


Holy Moly! We have reached the tenth and final day of the Holiday Blog Challenge and it has been so much fun sharing my holiday traditions with you :)

Today's theme is New Years Eve!

New Years Eve has been one of my most favorite parts of the holiday season, but I don't really have any traditions. Growing up, I did my best to stay up until midnight and I remember watching the Nickelodeon countdown hosted by Stick Stickley. I also remember making homemade confetti and yelling and throwing the confetti at midnight.

When I got older, I spent New Years Eve many different ways. I have spent it at home iwth family, away at college with friends, out at bars, and at house parties. The only constant thing about New Years Eve, is watching the ball drop at midnight!

This year I finally have the option to see that ball drop live and I am thinking about NOT going. Everyone that I have met in New York has told me that it is a tourist trap of crazy and NYE is much more fun at a friend's house or other event. I am still weighing my options because after 20+ years of watching that ball drop on TV, I feel like it's not right for me to skip seeing it live when I only live a few miles from Times Square.

Other then watching the ball drop-- New Years Eve only means hanging out with friends and family, usually drinking, and of course eating small foods like mini quiche or stuffed mushrooms :) Bring on 2012...I hope it's a doozy :)

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