Dec 4, 2011

November/December Bucket List!

November is easily the busiest month I have had since I moved to New York! I loved it, I hated it, I miss it already. 

Let's do a quick run down before we get to my actual bucket list goals for last month.

I had my Mom Visit!

My blog turned 6 months old :)

I spent Thanksgiving in D.C. with some friends!

I had a few best friends visit!

I wrote a 50,000 word novel starting on November 1st and finished on the 29th!

I reached my 100 blog posts milestone!

I almost completed National Blog Posting Month, but I missed 2 days. I posted 29 posts last month and that alone makes me happy :)

and I shared some funny events that happened.

I have to say it was a busy amazing month and that is even before I get to the items on my bucket list from November. 

Here were my goals:

1. Attend the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting - Check! This was great. I got there somewhat late after work, but still got a spot where I could see part of the tree. I was surrounded by hundreds of screaming Bieber fans, who didn't know that his segment was pre-taped, and that was fun. The tree was beautiful, the performances were decent, and the weather was a crisp chilly perfect kind of night. 

This was my view. For four hours. The White circle will show you how much of the tree I could see. (This was taken before they lit the tree.) The screen, outlined in yellow was the only way the crowd saw the performers. (That would be a distorted, far away view of Michael Buble. Your welcome.)


This what the tree looked like after it was lit and from the top of a nearby building. I stole this picture from someone because my pictures were not nearly as nice. 

2. Go ice skating! Check again! I did this when my two friends came to visit and it was a ton of fun! I didn't fall, which is amazing, and I got to practice my balancing skills.

3. Go to Serendipity and drink hot chocolate :) - Check for the third time! I rocked on my bucket list goals this month! I must confess that I made a mistake though, I was not intending to drink hot chocolate at Serendipity, I was intending to drink FROZEN hot chocolate and it was amazing! So delicious and cold, but with the same taste as regular hot chocolate.


Moving right along into December's bucket list:

1. Visit and take pictures of 25 different holiday decorations! - This will give me an excuse to go out and take in the Christmas spirit around the city!

2. Make Christmas Cookies - I love baking and Christmas cookies are at the top of my list. I will most likely try to get this done for a party or gift because I do not need to bake cookies for myself. 

3. Go back to Central Park and take a picture of the trees without leaves :( - I figure that I have pictures from the Summer and Fall, I might as well take Winter ones too. 

4. Send out Christmas cards :)

5. Go back to Florida for the first time in 5 months :) The ticket is already purchased, so I know this is happening, but I am still putting it on the list. 

6. Do something for New Year's Eve. Everyone tells me to steer clear of Times Square, so I may have to just go to a party or something, but needless to say, I will be doing something fun for my first NYE in New York! It would feel wrong to just sit at home.


  1. While I'd definitely advise against going anywhere near Times Square on New Years Eve. But I hate to admit it...but I do think it's worth taking a stroll through the area on the 30th, because there's this really interesting anticipatory vibe that the area has while the staging is being set up.

  2. I will have to check that out! Thanks for the info :)