Dec 16, 2011

Writers Block?

I have seriously started 10 different blog posts in the past few weeks and then mid-blog post, I decide they aren't interesting enough or funny enough and I stop writing them.

It is frustrating.

I feel like the past few weeks have been a blur of time and I have done nothing fun in this city. It's shameful. I look around at the thousands of people I pass each day and wonder what exciting thing they may have planned when I am spending the day working and tutoring. Honestly, I know that is silly. The people that live in the city go to work - it is really the only way to afford living in the city - but I just feel like my sightseeing and adventures have almost ceased to exist. This unfortunately means that I have nothing to blog about that feels worthy of posting.

I don't want to be a blog that only does link-ups. That is boring. I am hoping that as the holiday season comes and goes, my time will free up a little and I can go and explore this crazy awesome city some more.

1 comment:

  1. Having a fulfilling job doesn't mean you have to run out of reasons to blog, in fact, that probably opens up another set of things to share and express your thoughts about. Crazy coworkers, stressful deadlines, and possible promotions, etc. are things that I'm sure your readers would love to read about! As your reader, I care about you, and as exciting as it is to read your posts about your city life, I wouldn't mind reading posts about your daily aspirations as well. I highly doubt that the hustle and bustle of having a job in a fast-paced city could be anything close to boring. :)