Dec 8, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge! Day 9

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

I really hate New Year's Resolutions because does anyone ever really stick to them? Instead I am going to call this list my 2012 Bucket List because for some reason it seems less offensive and cliche and it goes along with the monthly bucket lists I have been doing since moving to New York.

This upcoming year has a lot to live up to if it has any intention of being the biggest year of my life.

Let's just say 2009 was the year I graduated with my bachelor's degree. 2010 was the year I graduated with my master's degree. 2011 was the year I moved from Florida to New York City. 2012 is the year I run for President. or not. I think I may take 2012 off from major life events and just try to life the year out the best I can while experiencing new things and meeting new people.

2012 Bucket List

Get a full time job, with benefits and a salary and normal working hours. New York Public Schools..I'm looking at you!

Edit my novel

Attend at least 2 Broadway shows

Visit Asheville, NC because my friend has lived there for almost a year and I haven't gone to visit.

Join a gym and maybe actually go. Not to lose weight (although that is a benefit) but because it is a healthy thing to do and I want to learn how people enjoy running.

Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade or at leats see the balloons being blown up on Central Park West.

Rejoin Weight Watchers. I absolutely love their program and only stopped going when I was in the moving process and couldn't afford the extra money each month. I am hoping to rejoin and get back on track with point counting.

Explore the other boroughs more. I am aiming towards seeing Staten Island and Queens in more detail.

Walk/Run a 5K. - In addition, the perimeter of Central Park is 6 miles and that could be a nice walk too.

Take in many more book signings, author readings, and free events.

Learn to make macaroons because they are cute, delicious, and considered a difficult thing to bake.

Try to get into a movie premiere. I don't even know if they have public access, but I might have a friend who knows a friend or at least I will find one.

Send out more snail mail letters because it's really fun to get a letter in the mail and also I want to support the USPS before they go bankrupt.

I realize a lot of these sound healthy/fitnessy which is ironic because I hate when people make weight loss resolutions after being a glutton during the holidays. I truly do not have those motives, for the most part I am a fairly active, healthy eating individual. I want to learn better habits to prevent diabetes and other diseases that run in my family. I also really want to learn how people love to run, it just makes me feel stupid.


  1. Great bucket list! I love how you made some NYC related! I just went there for the first time over the summer and I loved it! Jealous you live there!

  2. You wrote a novel?! Jealous, I would love to do that someday. Also, Asheville is gorgeous. You should definitely go. I'd recommend in the Spring - flowers or Fall - bright colors.

  3. Great bucket list! I still wonder how people love running, I mean I do it for the health factor and if I am in a good mood I slightly enjoy it haha! I'd love to see the Macy's Thanksgiving parade in person!