Jun 10, 2012

Camera FAIL

So the camera on my cell phone broke. This means that not only am I digital camera-less, I am now camera-less all together. This is a sad state of affairs for me because without pictures:

How am I to show you the man walking his parrot down 125th street?

How am I going let your eyes burn by the woman who forgot to put on pants but decided that she would continue her day regardless?

How will I ever be able to explain the crazy woman who took a sit on the sidewalk and began yelling and throwing things (sprite, books, and cigarette butts) at the people walking by?

The things I see on an everyday basis need to be documented and I not able to do so. I really need to get this camera thing sorted ASAP!


  1. Aww that sucks! Hopefully you get a new camera soon!

  2. So I definitely read "took a sit on the sidewalk" as another sentence entirely, until I realized what it actually said. And I'm quite relieved. Hope you get your camera fixed!