Jun 19, 2012

Catching up...

It's really hard to try to do everything you want to do and be successful. This month, I have had plans almost every night, I have gotten up and gone to work six days a week, I have apartment hunted, I have job hunted, and I have failed at keeping everything up to date on my blog.

On 6/10 I started the day at a birthday celebration on a boat, then I went to a Tony's party where I correctly circled Once for every category and I won. I am so happy for the cast of that show, it was fabulous when I saw it during previews and I am sure it is just as fabulous now.

I also found out that I got my new apartment! I am so excited to be moving and I will have a whole post on that soon. 

On 6/11, my friend Jenny and I went to Central Park and listened to Foster the People, Kimbra, and Tokyo Police Club. We sat outside of the stage area with all the other people that didn't want to pay for a concert you could hear for free.

On 6/12, I went to Broadway again.The show was funny and it was supposed to be a sequel to Boeing-Boeing which I have saw in my favorite theater back in Florida a few years ago. 

On 6/13, my trivia team won for the second week in a row :)

On 6/14, I had a birthday dinner where the restaurant was out of everything I wanted to eat and I ended up with a grilled cheese.

On 6/15, I had to take a break. My week had totally drained me and I decided to stay home, pack some boxes, and chill.

On 6/16, I went to Smorgasburg, got a new cell phone (yay for pictures again!), and then celebrated another friends birthday!

This past weekend was also busy, but not so draining. I am now in the middle of packing (kinda) and winding down the  school year! Yesterday was the beginning of the last week of school! So excited. 

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