Jun 11, 2012

What I Did Today:Twitter for the win edition!

So I really did this last Monday, but is anyone really counting? 

I am a non-Twitter-er. Therefore, I speak and write in sentences longer than 140 characters. I don't really understand the point of Twitter or the fascination people have with it since we have facebook, blogs, text messages, etc. However, my friend Jenny loves her Twitter, she has a job that allows her to peruse Twitter all day long, among other things of course. Last week, Jenny won tickets to a concert through Twitter. I've never won tickets to a concert from facebook, or a blog, or a text message, so in this case Twitter wins.

Back to the concert. 

She won VIP tickets to see the Silversun Pickups, Live on Letterman, at the Ed Sullivan Theater. She invited me. I agreed, even though I didn't know a lot of their music. We went. We sat in the front row. We were live broadcasted on the internet. My sister got to see us on her computer. We danced (or bopped), sang (or pretended to), and listened to some awesome music. Then the show ended. Jenny got a set list. We went home. Awesome night!

Here are some pics:
Outside with our tickets in the VIP line!


The stage from our seats! So freaking close!

The band! They were amazing!

The set list! 

and in case you are interested, here is the link to see the entire concert that was broadcast online! They show my friend and I a few times, but you can clearly find me around the 12:45 mark.


  1. Coolness. Front row Letterman? Awesomeness. The two times I've been to NYC I couldn't even get tickets.

    By the way, I enjoy Twitter much more than FaceStalker, albeit I still have the latter.

    Did you have any more pics from the show?

  2. That's awesome! Twitter can't be that bad now after you got a free concert out of it lol!

  3. Front row Letterman AND Silversun Pickups? That's freaking awesome! I bet it was a fun experience.

    I do enjoy Twitter much more than Facebook, FYI. I hated on Twitter for over a year, and then once I started to use the site it grew on me a great deal. One's Facebook friends list tends to be so full of 'obligatory friends' and acquaintances. I save my Twitter posts for my closest real-life friends and blogger friends, so I am able to be much more honest. It's kind of fun, and it's a great way to keep in touch with your fellow blogger friends when you don't have time to read posts.