Jun 21, 2012

It's OK Thursdays..

Its Ok Thursdays 

It's OK...

to be so excited to move yet so unmotivated to pack.

to wonder how long it will take to cover the dark hunter green walls in my new apartment with a lovely teal.

to already miss my 5th graders who graduated this week.

that I really really want a piece of cake, but don't want to bake a whole cake.

to have such exciting Summer plans, but also feel like there isn't enough happening.

to wear as little as possible without being un-classy because it's hot.

to be sad that my sister will be in DC for like 8 days next week but since I'm moving I can't go and visit.

that I don't even have 1 day off between my school year job and my summer job.

to sometimes go to bed before 11.

to make fun of people who wear boots during the summer. I don't get it.

that ice cream becomes my even more favoritest food during the upcoming three months.

to really enjoy the primer from Sephora but refuse to spend $40 on something that goes underneath two layers of other makeup.

that I didn't read the book for my book club this month. I probably never will.

Have a Thursday. Good or Bad. Just make it happen.


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