Jun 10, 2012

Bucket List May/June

What was supposed to happen in May:

  • Attend a Yankees Game! Check
  • Eat a street vendor hotdog (this is for my mom, so she will stop harassing me!) Harass away!
  • Go to the Bronx Zoo
  • Maybe I'll buy that air conditioner. Still not hot enough!
  • Get Contacts!
  • Figure out my Summer travel plans. I got plans, but I'll share them in a different post :)
  • Go to a festival or two or three (it's that season) I went to Googa Mooga, a random food street festival, and a BBQ Festival!
  • Plan out the concerts/shows/movies that will be happening this Summer that I want to go to. I have a few plans, but I want to make more.
  • Hand out resumes to 25 schools for a job next year! I think I may have only handed out 20, but that's 20 more than April!

What should happen in June:
  • I might eat that hotdog
  • I will move into a new apartment
  • I will go to a concert or show
  • I will check out a new museum or two 
This month is kinda sorta crazy with trying to find an apartment and also job hunting, so let's keep it simple and then I won't fail. Plus, this short list leaves a lot of room for spontaneous adventures, which are always epic. 


  1. All your goals for June seem doable so I hope you achieve them :)

  2. SSPU was in June! You're already 1/4!

  3. ^Jenny has a point. Only 3 more to go! I think your goals are realistic - reasonable and achievable. Good luck!

  4. You need to eat a hot dog!!!!!!