Jun 3, 2012

Weekend Blues

This weekend was interesting.
On Saturday, I sat in my bed, doing nothing form 10AM to 3PM because I could. The past few months have been non-stop and I really really wanted to stay in my PJs and just relax. I caught up on TV finales, downloaded some new books, and started looking for apartments. I am glad that I did stay in, but I did miss out on some beautiful weather outside.

Saturday night, I met up with some friends for dinner and a show. We ate at Southern Hospitality, which is located in Hell's Kitchen and is a southern food restaurant owned by Justin Timberlake.
The food was good. I got the BBQ pulled pork sandwich and I really enjoyed it. It came with a side of fries and some coleslaw.  The portions were large. There were leftovers.

The prices were reasonable. Very reasonable for NYC! I would totally recommend this to a friend.

The atmosphere was cool. Dim lighting, TVs in the bar area, music in the background. Not fancy, but very relaxed and BBQ-esque.

Then we went to see Potted Potter. The play was a parody of all seven Harry Potter books mashed into 70 minutes.

The set was minimal, the cast contained two members, and the jokes were back to back. I enjoyed myself even though the play was different than expected.

On Sunday:

I slept in, went and viewed an apartment, worked for a few hours, and then went grocery shopping. One of those errand running, have-things-to-do sort of days.

 In other news:

My broken toe is still broken. It is no longer purple, but it still hurts and is swollen. After a long day, it is really swollen. I can't find shoes that make it feels better. I might have a broken toe forever.

I have officially starting looking for a new apartment. Due to many many reasons that I can't explain here, although it would give me enough blog posts for the entire Summer, I am moving July 1st.  I can't wait to get out of this apartment and then tell you why.

Have a good week :)

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