Jun 21, 2012

To be a fly on my wall

As I have shared during the last few posts, I am moving June 30th! I am excited about my new neighborhood, I am excited about my new roommate, I am excited for a fresh start in a new borough.

I have not started packing. Why should I? I moved here 12 months ago with two suitcases, how much stuff could I possibly have to pack, I plan on giving myself a few hours.

Here is my timeline of this evening:

5:00 - off from work, need to get boxes. Plan for tonight: PACK

5:30 - acquired packing tape, but still need boxes.

6:00 - found boxes at grocery store (FREE!) and stumbled home carrying boxes.

6:15 - It's 95 degrees outside and I just walked up 5 flights of stairs with five boxes (and a gallon of ice cream) into an apartment with no AC....let's take a breather.

6:45 - Kinda hungry....too damn hot to turn the stove on.

7:15 - Wow it's been an hour and I haven't done anything, I should start packing, but I need food for energy.

7:45 - Eat dinner. Energized to....finish watching this week's episode of The Client List.

8:30 - OK, packing will start....right after I unload the dishwasher, reload it, fold some clothes and pluck my eyebrows.

9:00 - Seriously, packing starts.


9:03 - Wow, I have more stuff then I imagined.

9:07 - It's hot in here. I need an AC. 

9:31 - Have a text conversation while doing something on FB and get distracted from packing.

9:35 - Back to packing. Thought: How did a girl who owned 0 nail polishes when I moved here just pack 14 bottles?

9:50 - Write a blog post, because this stuff is genius.

9:59 - Need tunes to pack. Firefly playlist to the rescue.

10:04 - Get nostalgic about every item that goes into the box. Look it's the ticket to my first Broadway play, look it's the picture I took that one time I was with those friends, look a penny. 

10:11 - Box #1 is full. Books, office like supplies, and pictures.

10:13 - Feel a little sad to be packing up my 1st NYC apartment, but then remember why and not feel so sad anymore.


10:34 - Box #2 packed (half of my shoes) and bookshelf empty.

10:40 - Sounds like it might be shower time.

I have to admit, this may sound like not much was accomplished, but stuff got done. I no longer have any decorations on my walls. I have packed away all winter wear and shoes and I emptied my bookshelf. I have a few more boxes of clothes and shoes, but it's hard to do that with 9 days left. The rest of the stuff is pretty daily: hair stuff, make up, accessories. You know essentials.

Happy Friday.


  1. Moving is a huge pain, but let it be exciting as well! Nostalgia has a certain gravitational pull to it, but while you're reflecting be sure to plan for your next adventure too. Good luck!

  2. I think a nail polish swap party would be really really fun.