Sep 6, 2011

Back to School

I still remember the feeling I used to get growing up when it was the night before the first day of school. A series of what ifs and maybes rush your brain and you start questioning everything you and your parents have done to get ready for the new year.

  • You spent days picking out the perfect outfit to wear that doesn't look too dorky or too over the top, but looks just cool enough. But what-if scrunchie socks aren't in style anymore?

  • You talk about the friends that might be in your class and then the frenemies you hope are in a different class. But maybe no one will be in your class or worse the girl that made fun of you last year?

  • You wonder what the teacher is going to be like and if the rumors you've heard are true. Maybe she really does assign homework EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

  • You carefully pack your backpack full of the school supplies from your list and double check that your name is on the super awesome Lisa Frank folder (because no one is using that folder but me!) but what if the teacher doesn't see my name and I get stuck with a plain yellow folder?

 I seriously thought these thoughts. I couldn't make this stuff up.

Now that I am 24, and the teacher (kinda sorta), I still get the night before jitters. I wonder if the students are going to listen, I wonder if the teachers will be super welcoming to the new girl form Florida, and I wonder if my outfit says that I mean business, but am totally a fun girl to be friends with too. I have my tote bag packed and the directions and bus schedule ready. I have eaten dinner, am about to take a shower, and will be in bed early (because showing up late is a big NO-NO.)Tomorrow is only pre-planning and the students won't show up until Thursday, but a girl can still be nervous about meeting all of the teachers, staff, and administration at the school.

I am so excited to start working and finally have a constant thing in my life, the first since I have moved to New York. I am a little curious about the schools up here and how my background will mesh together, but I am really looking forward to the challenges.

Here's to the first day back to school and to me not saying ya'll when I walk into the room.


  1. Good luck :) I am sure you will do fabulous!

  2. I hope your day was fab!!! You will be and do great!!


  3. Was trying to follow you but Dont see a button!! help me out please!! lol

  4. I remember that feeling, the bittersweet aroma that colors your last day of summer mixed with the anticipation of a new exciting school year. I'm sure it's drastically different from the other side of the desk, though :) Good luck!