Sep 3, 2011

September Bucket List

It's Bucket List time again! I did pretty well in August and I am thinking that September will be a breeze :) Check out what I plan to accomplish this month!

Make it to a live audience taping- There are hundreds of shows that film in NYC and I want to sit in their audiences.

Eat from a food truck - Trying this out again.

Attend Fashion's Night Out - September means Fashion Week in NYC, but I am not invited to a fashion show, so I have to make do with the one night they open to the public :)

Go to the Labor Day Parade - because nobody does parades better than NYC!

Spend an afternoon in Central Park - because I have not taken advantage of this awesome lush park in the middle of Manhattan and because the weather is cooling down, so I won't die from the heat.

Go to a Museum or two - I may or may not have already cheated and accomplished this task, so I am adding in the hope to make it to another museum this month.

My list is somewhat short, but this month I  start working so I wont have as much free time as I did this Summer.

1 comment:

  1. Hope you didn't die at the Labor Day Parade!