Sep 26, 2011

Thrift Store Penpals

Long before I started to blog, I was a blog follower. I quietly added blogs to my Google reader and would check daily to read the stories of another person's life. I am not a blog snob when it comes to the type of blog I read. I love them all! I read foodie blogs, weight loss blogs, blogs about children, blogs about life, funny blogs, and some of my favorite authors' blogs. In the past month or so, I came across Woodn't Ya Know It  and I laughed and laughed and laughed. Woody, the trusty blogger, blogs about many things, but his favorite thing to talk about is the amazing things he finds at thrift stores. He became inspired by his own joy of thrift store finds that he created Thirft Store Penpals, an activity that allows him to share his thrift store finds with other bloggers. He picks a blogger weekly, ships them a random package, and then they get to review the item.

About two weeks ago, I was chosen as the Thrift Store Pen Pal and I was excited. I waited for my package and when it arrived this week I was like a kid on Christmas waiting to see what Woody had chosen for me to review. I have seen the items he has sent to other pen pals and I was anxious to see if my gift was something crazy.

Let's say that the gift I received was completely unexpected, but totally awesome at the same time. It brought me back to my childhood and I couldn't ask for anything more then that. Let's take a looksie.....

Woody sent me Paper Dolls! Once I saw them I knew that it was my mission to show these girls, Nicole and Samantha, around Manhattan, they did just travel across the country in an I right?

First off, we had to unpack their belongings. They sure did bring a lot of stuff with them for such a short trip, you would think they were planning to move in or something. We separated out their shoes from their purses and then organized their track suits from their gowns.

Next we had to look at some maps and determine what they might want to do the next day. They decided on a few landmarks and then went to bed for a full nights sleep.

The girls woke up early the next morning and went for a quick jog around Central Park. I'm not sure how they found their way back home, but they did it and then they showered and got ready for some sightseeing. 

First up they needed to grab a jacket, it's already a little chilly in NY, and their map.  They grabbed their purses and made sure they had comfortable walking shoes on. We left my apartment and headed towards Times Square. 

Side Note: The girls felt like changing clothes after almost every picture because they said that they needed to show diversity. It was strange behavior, but I let it slide because it was their vacation.


We started near Radio City Music Center where Nicole wore her red mini dress because she said it reminded her of the Rockettes.

Next, we made it to Times Square and Nicole and Samantha were so shocked by all the people. They also really loved the shopping and food. We spent a few hours here because we ran into a street festival a few blocks over and walked and walked and walked.

 After all of the shopping and street fair perusing, the  girls decided to rest their feet and take in a Broadway Show, The Addams Family. This show has rave reviews and both Nicole and Samantha grew up watching the TV show.

After all of this excitement, we caught a bus home and the girls nearly passed out in their seat. I was glad to see this sight seeing day come to end.

I can honestly say that a grown women playing with paper dolls in public spaces breaks all of my rules, but it was an adventure to try and use the penpal item in a fun way. Paper dolls are such a lost toy for today's generation. Most kids nowadays would honestly rather use paper dolls as bookmarks (except they probably have an e-book) instead of using them as a an actual toy to play with. 

Thanks Woody for choosing me as a penpal and I look forward to seeing what your next penpal receives :) If you want to be Woody's next penpal, sign up here.


  1. This is so awesome, hun! Lol it kind of reminds me of something I did in elementary school with "Flat Stanley" for my English class. I sent him to my grandmother and she took him all over North Carolina and sent pictures. Anyway, this was a very cool idea for your thrift store pen pal!

  2. I loved paper dolls as a little girl! Cute idea to take them around Manhattan.

  3. This is amazing! :) You definitely had a better idea for these girls than I would have thought up. I love the pics, and I think that Asian guy in the street fair picture wants a piece of Nicole, haha! Thanks for being a Pen Pal, you're great :)

  4. Awesome! I love that you took them around your city! :) I agree with Woody about the Asian guy checking out Nicole.

  5. hahaha I am crying laughing. I seriously have tears all over my face.

  6. Love This-I laughed out loud picturing you taking these pics!

  7. Well done! This was extremely creative, I give you lots of props. The girls look like naturals in front of the Broadway sign! And the creepy dude checking out Nicole definitely caught my eye.

    This was too awesome.


  8. What a fun thing to do with paper dolls! very cute!
    I love the Central Park one, where they look like they're drowning in the shrubs :)

  9. Awesome pics. For some reason I find photos of dolls or figures in real world settings highly amusing. Like these:

  10. Great job! I love it! It reminds me of Amelie!

  11. You did such a good job with this post! I love that you took pictures of them in the real world!