Sep 10, 2011

What I Did Today - Fashion Week Edition

  This week is Fashion Week in NYC! This is a week of fashion shows, runway designs, and fabulous sales throughout the city. I would give my left arm for a ticket to a runway show, particularly Betsey Johnson or the Project Runway Finale. However, the runway shows are invite only and unfortunately I am not in the know yet. However, one night through the week, they open up for the public and it is called Fashion's Night Out.

Stores across the city open up for sample sales, have celebrity guests, give away freebies, hold raffles, and basically beg you to come spend money in their store. That sounds like a fabulous way to spend an evening, but I had a different mission. Instead of going out and spending money, I really wanted to see how many awesome celebrities that I like, that I could see.

I started out going into Brooklyn and came across the cast of the show Big Sexy from TLC. The girls were awesome and they signed autographs and took pictures. I got them to sign a picture for my sister because she digs stuff like that. I also got to meet a few of the models that work in the plus size industry and they were also super nice.

Then I got on the Subway and made my way to Macy's herald Square. They had a night full of back-to-back events and I was able to hit the tail end of one event and the beginning of another. The first event was an interview with Mrs. J, from America's Next Top Model. She/He (I'm not sure which is politically correct) was fabulous, but I only got to take a few pictures because she/he was being interviewed.

Then I went downstairs and I got to see Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily on Pretty Little Liars. I love that show (guilty pleasure)! The crowd was crazy  for Shay and I even though I wanted to meet her, I was not about to wait in line for three hours because I still had the best celebrity waiting for last.

I left Macy's and headed downtown towards SoHo. This part of town was CRAZY! I literally had to fight my way through the crowd, but I finally arrived at my final destination, Lucky Brand Jeans. Here is where I stood in line outside of the store, stood inside of the store, and then I got to take this picture:

Tim Gunn! I was so excited and had to refrain from saying Make it Work, because that is just too cliche. He was amazingly friendly and just as fabulous as he is on Project Runway.

Basically my night was tiring, crazy, but so much fun! I really can't wait until next time, because I am going to try and meet some more people instead fo just taking pictures from afar. The streets and subways were crazy as you can see below. I elbowed and ducked my way around and finally made it to the subway.

After a fabulous night of seeing new designs, fancy pants celebrities, and lots of awesome deals I also got the pleasure of seeing some fashion styles that are a no go. Throughout the night, I saw way too many sparkles to even be described, heels so high that the guys towered over the crowd, and then I got to see these beauties on the train:

What is with that hat and skirt combo?                                                            and this man's faux hawk on his hat?
New York has it all. That is for sure. 

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  1. I loveee Tim Gunn! And I would of TOTALLY said 'Make it work' :-) hahaha :)